Mediation and Negotiation


Praised for his diplomacy, his independence and his capacity to remain totally neutral and impartial, Alexander mediates in difficult negotiations. Trusted by all the different parties involved, he helps them reach acceptable outcomes of complicated problems. Mediations typically include international, social and industrial disputes.

As such negotiations are often laden with emotions, with the deep desire from all the stakeholders to achieve the best possible outcome for the people or interests they are each representing, applying a tried and tested negotiation process becomes a priority. It includes aligning all the stakeholders (such as company management, trade unions, government representatives, etc.) to a common objective, while serving their different interests. In these talks, Alexander helps the protagonists overcome many challenges and obstacles, keeping the process moving forward, leading to results that are acceptable to – and accepted by – all parties.


He also helps commercial negotiating teams (sales, purchasing, M&A, etc.) prepare negotiations in such a way as to obtain the best possible results.

Knowing the other side, developing the right sort of leverage, applying the right tactics at the right time, as well as using specific techniques to influence the other side in a subtle way, to accept their point of view, are only a few of the elements that help to achieve the results Alexander’s clients expect.